Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I know, I know...

I've been bad. It's not that I've been busy really. I've had plenty of time in the evenings to blog to my heart's content. Instead, I've obsessively surfed the Internet for stories on the Octomom and spent countless hours bemoaning Jon and Kate Plus 8 on gosselinswithoutpity.com.

In my defense, since the above do not help my case at all, when it comes to the blog, I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I like to write, and when I do, I want to do it well. So, sometimes I'm tired and don't feel like putting my thinking brain on. Other times, there is so much to report that I'm overwhelmed into paralysis.

So, I'm behind. Very, very behind. It's dawned on me that blogging while the girls eat is a perfect time, so that's what they - and I are doing. The next few days of posts will likely be disjointed and random, but, hey, beggars can't be choosy:-)

Where to start....since they are currently eating, we will start there.

Eating. Eating is better. This morning we are having diced pears(which they do not seem to favor), sliced grapes (which they do like) and one half a chicken nugget dipped in ketchup (which they love - at least the dipping part.) Usually, they have sausage for breakfast, which they LOVE, but I didn't feel like cooking. They tend to like spicier things better including mild curry and their favorite, Brunswick Stew with a kick of pepper. They are not interested in mild flavors or anything that resembles baby food including yogurt. They love to take bites of Daddy's apples and love diced peaches. Tonight (hours after this post started), grilled pork chops were a hit as well. We have also discovered that Natalie loves pizza. Their likes and dislikes seem to come and go though. One day they will love something, and the next - not so much.

As far as their bottles - we are in the process of weeding out the midnight one. It's not so much that I mind it, since I'm up anyway, but they are almost two. At some point, they need to give up the bottles and sleep a straight 10 hours without eating. The can't go to kindergarten with bottles which is only is *GASP* three more years! We are hoping they will start drinking more from their straw cups during the day. That's the hope. The last few days have been hit or miss. Since Thursday the girls have been trading fevers and colds and haven't been eating as well. They've also been waking up crying in the night. In other words, they are are acting normal for once. I'm not a fan. On the other hand, they have been sleeping very late - at least til 10 each morning. Of this, I am a fan. This morning, I had the same cold and was very happy to be able to sleep late.

Their weights are holding steady. We had some huge gains at the first of the month, but have lost since then. Today, Natalie only weighed 19#1 oz and Abby 19# even. I'm a little confused by this. They certainly haven't cut their intake enough to warrant such losses. I'm beginning to think that the results on Mar 2, were a bit inflated, especially for Abby who was 19# 11oz. Maybe she had a big poop inside....

All in all we are making progress, I think, on the eating front. They are working with their spoons and forks and doing quite well. They love to scoop with the spoon. Interestingly, Abby seems to be favoring her left-hand when it comes to eating. She may take after her Auntie Kimmy.

I have much more to share so stay tuned...and be patient. I still need to get some mindless surfing in....

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