Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Happy, Joy Joy!!

We have some very good weight news. It's been a really up and down month. They've basically been gaining and losing the same pound for most of this year. Just a little recap:

01/6 - 18.6
01/13 - 18.12
01/20 - 18.14
02/09 - 17.10
02/23 - 19.2
03/03 - 19.6
03/17 - 19.1
03/25 - 18.10
04/01 - 18.15.5
and today...
04/22 - 19# 13.5!!!!

01/06 -18.12.5
01/13 -18.15
01/20 -18.11
02/09 -17.11
02/23 -19.3.5
03/03 -19.11
03/17 -19.0
03/25 -19.11
04/01 -19.3
and today
04/22 -19# 15.5!!! (the scale actually flirted with the 20 pound mark but it dropped back down - soooo close)

So, the good news obviously is that we are making progress again. After all the sickness, it was getting pretty bad. The girls have really been eating well again this past week. Once again, a few days at Ya-Ya's Feeding Boot Camp did them well and they are pudgy once more. They are both eating solids well right now. Abby has a real fondness for chicken, and both girls LOVE fruit. Pineapple and cantaloupe are huge favorites. I'm thrilled they like healthy things, but I just wish fruit had more calories. If it did, they would definitely weigh over 20 pounds.

The not as good news is that if you look at the chart, they've really only gained a little more than a pound in nearly four months. This is really not good. We have a Duke SICC appointment Tuesday, and I'm sure to hear about it there. I'm not even hoping to be anywhere near the curve, much less on it. Our saving grace might be height. They don't seem that short compared to other kids. Hopefully, we will at least make the 5% curve.

I'm really hoping that they will each be over 20 pounds by our appointment Tuesday. It will just make me feel better if they are over 20, even if it really won't make much different on the chart.


Anne, Eliza Grace's mom said...
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Anne, Eliza Grace's mom said...

They look great and the weight gain is nice to hear about

Judith and Jason said...

Do they like yogurt? That really packed the pounds on Nina.

Kiera Rose said...

Your girls are precious!
mom to Kiera

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the little tongue sticking out.....a sure sign of determination. Too cute.....
Aunt Susie

Christie said...

I love these pictures! They are so precious.