Monday, December 20, 2010

Yes, we did celebrate Thanksgiving...

We actually had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend...I just haven't written about it yet!

I can honestly say it was the least stressful and most pleasant Thanksgiving I have ever experienced. Despite the fact that we had two different parties and I cooked and cleaned and prepped for a week, I wasn't stressed, everyone had fun and it was generally delightful.

Thanksgiving Day saw most of our family gathered 'round the table for our first Thanksgiving in our new home. The only absence was my mom, Grammy. Unfortunately, she was sandbagged at work buried under charts and the threat of an impending state audit. She simply has too much work to do and not enough time to do it. We really missed her and it was very different not having her around.

But we did get to celebrate with many others: Poppy, Nanny, Ya-Ya, Grandpa, Auntie, Reagan, Jeff, Wayne and Jane. It was wonderful and we were so glad everyone could come.

We were also pleased to host this year's Annual SCAT Christmas party. SCAT stands for Summer Camp Assistance Team - the staff at Johns River Valley Camp - which I attended as a child and where I worked both as a volunteer and on staff for several years. My friends from camp are my closest and dearest and being with them thrills my soul and brings me great joy. It was such a pleasure to host everyone this year and it was just perfect. The younger kids enjoyed the playroom, the pre-teens made good use of the air hockey table, a few friends hung out by the fire in the chimenea, and the rest milled about talking and laughing and watching football. As always, we had a great time catching up and playing the "Dirty Santa" game. If only we could get together more often...

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