Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Play Date

Today was a pretty good day. Mostly:-)

The day actually didn't start very well. I over slept, and at 11am, the girls refused to eat anything. That put me in a rather ill mood. I've been very worried about Natalie and her weight gain. We weighed her last Tuesday and she had only gained 4 oz in the two weeks prior. Every ml she doesn't eat worries me.

Ben was home for lunch, of course, and that always helps with the feeding. I had managed to get a shower and clean up a little. If you've seen my house, you'll know this is quite an accomplishment. I tell people when they come over they have to play the "Pretend Game". You have to pretend you don't see the mess.

At 1:45, we had a play date. The children I was babysitting for when I was pregnant came over. Liam, Abbey, and their mom, Kelly, had not yet met the girls. It had been about 5 or 6 months since I had seen the kids, and they were so big! Especially Abbey. There is a big difference between 15 months old and 19 months old! It was so great to see them and Kelly and talk to an adult - and kids who can talk back.

Kelly and I talked about their feeding issues. Kelly made the point that it's hard to look past the present to the future. At whatever stage one is in, it's easy to think it will always be this way. For instance, when a newborn doesn't sleep through the night the first few months, you think she'll NEVER sleep through the night. A few months later, it's all forgotten. I thought she had a great point. Yes, the girls don't eat well, but 3 months ago, we were trying to get them to eat 30mls per feed. Now we already up to 100mls. In three more months, we may be at 130mls. This too shall pass.

Here at the end of the day, Abby has had a pretty good day. Natalie - not so much. But, we weighed them earlier and our scale says Natalie has gained 6 oz since last Tuesday. If it's correct, that's amazing. Maybe I am obsessing after nothing.

Another good thing is that for the first time in weeks, okay, months, our house looks half-way decent. As long as you don't go into the office, you can see the floor is every room. Now that is a good day.

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