Thursday, February 21, 2008

Play Dates Times Two

Wow - two play dates in one week! We are regular social butterflies. Today my friend, Paula, and her darling daughters, Rachel and Michelle, came to visit. They were all so sweet with the girls. It was so great for mommy to have someone to talk to as well. I'm honestly not sure when I last left the house. I'm trying hard to organize some kind of social interaction every week. So, if anyone wants to sign up...

Watching Rachel and Michelle interact and play was fun. At one point they were running in a circle from the living room to dining room to kitchen to living room. One was pulling a string with a ball on it (a cat toy) and the other chasing her. I just laughed and said, "that's what I have to look forward to". There's something about running in circles kids love. Walker and Blaire always did that - ran round and round through the house pulling their stuffed animals or riding a little car. It was so cute. When Ben came home just before everyone left, he watched the girls with the biggest grin. He too commented, "that's what we have to look forward to". Then he added, "and I can't wait." He almost looked like he had tears in his eyes:-)

Thanks so much to Paula and the girls for keeping us company. We're happy to have you anytime.

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