Monday, April 28, 2008

Bad mommy, bad mommy

Oh my gosh - how the days escape me. I'm so sorry I've been so absent. I'd like to say I've been busy, but mostly I've just been tired and lazy:-)

The girls are amazing. The are still crawling every where. Natalie is really working on pulling up. She gets to her knees and gets stuck. Not only can she not really get her feet up to stand, but she doesn't know how to sit back down. During her naps, I often have to keep going in and laying her back down so she can go to sleep. In the last two days, she has been trying to figure out how to get one foot flat on the ground. After that, she just has to learn to push up on it, pull with her arms, and pop up the other leg, and then - she's standing! It sounds easy, but I think it's kind of hard. I think it may take another few weeks for her to master it.

Abby is such a funny, inquisitive baby. She's definately the explorer. We finally have gates or she'd be every where. Abby loves to take trips down the hall. We close all the doors so it's a safe track. She'll meander down the hall with a little toy in her mouth. She'll then stop for a while, bang on the walls, and take a break. Then she'll roll over and crawl a little more before she stops, rolls over, and takes another little break. Eventually, she emerges from the tunnel back into the living room. It's so cute.

Both girls are in love with the cats. They chase them everywhere. Poor kitties have little means of escape - or maybe they aren't that creative:-) KitKat tries to hide under the chairs, but the babies just climb under too! KitKat will hop up on the ottoman for safety, but somehow leave his tail hanging down which quickly becomes fair game. The kitties really must get smarter.

Well, the babies are stirring from their naps...hopefully this will keep you all happy for a little while. There will be more soon - I promise:-)

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Judith and Jason said...

Your girls are just how Nina was at that age. You will be amazed how they are going to take off in the next few weeks. It was like a light went off for Nina and she started pulling up in her crib and on everything(including the cat!!)
I enjoy reading about your girls since they are only 2 months younger than Nina. I bet you are getting excited for their B-day!!!