Monday, November 9, 2009

Beach Recap - Part I

It's hard to know where to start.  We had the most amazing time at Holden Beach with Mema and the rest of our family.  We had the most beautiful weather, especially after the first day (which was a little windy and cool).  It was even hot one day - sweaty, wear a bathing suit hot.  The water was more calm than we had ever seen it.  Most days it was completely flat - like a lake.  The waves were breaking only inches from the shore.  It would have been perfect if it hadn't been to cold to go in!  We did get to have a little water fun.  On Friday, we went to the Point and were there at the perfect time as the tide went out leaving a tidal pool.  The girls immediately ran into the water and were right at home. (our house, Inn Between, above (left))

The days were mostly frolicking on the beach with Natalie and Abby playing in the sand.  They just loved it.  They would even lay down in the sand on their bellies!  We also spent a lot of time hanging out with Mema and enjoying the rest of the family.  We ate some great food, read some good books, and made some amazing memories.

The most wonderful part of all was watching the joy and happiness on Mema's face. In addition to family, Mema was visited from a number of old friends and co-workers who came down from various points:  Lumberton, Fayetteville, Southport, and Willmington.  She was so delighted to get to see so many old friends and it was so kind of them to take the time to visit.

Mema also spent time on the porch listening to the waves and even walked to the end of the walkway to the beach and hung out for a while sitting on the steps.  We even managed to get her to the beach.  We rented a "beach wheelchair", a unique contraption made of PVC pipes and huge tires, and rolled her out on the sand at the point.  She wiggled her feet in the sand, took a walk down the beach, and let the waves chase her feet.  Her energy and spirit were amazing.  She kept saying, "it's even better than I imagined it would be".  What more could we have asked for? 

I dare say that some of Mema's favorite moments were those spent listening to Natalie and Abby putter about.  We took a few of their favorite toys: their baby stroller, bowls, cups, and spoons for cooking "swoup", little counting bears (often the main ingredient in swoup).  They also enjoyed climbing into Mema's wheelchair and pushing each other around.  The girls could also often be found snuggled up beside Mema - usually feeding her some homemade swoup.  Evenings were precious.  Natalie and Abby would often climb up in her bed to tuck her in.  It was beautiful.

There were so many beautiful moments and it was a blessing to spend such precious time with Mema.  Although I know Natalie and Abby will probably not remember Mema, I hope the love she has for them will have imprinted their souls in a way that is always with them.  I know she has touched the rest of us in ways we will treasure forever.

Brenda, Natalie, Mema, John, Ben
Abby, Johelen, Joyce, Kimberly, Wayne

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