Monday, November 17, 2008

18 months old

The girls have had colds, and I just wasn't able to schedule their "official" photo session for this month. So, I've just picked a few cute ones from around the 15th.

Abby and Natalie

Natalie (L) and Abby (R)

At 18 months old, Natalie and Abby are about 14.5 months adjusted age. Their progress has been nothing short of miraculous. I have a copy of some of the criteria they use to test where they are developmentally. From what I can tell looking at the charts, they are even ahead of their actual age in some areas. (Beware - this is very long - it's as much for my own record-keeping as informational for all of you. If child development doesn't thrill you, skip to the end!)

Gross Motor still working on
15 months - crawls up steps (can go up a whole flight!); gets into standing position without using hands; picks up toys from floor without falling
16 months - walks up stairs with help; stands on one foot, slight support
18 months - climbs into adult chair, turns to sit; seats self in small chair; runs; pushes and pulls large objects; throws ball without falling (haven't quite mastered throwing - Abby is close)
19 months - carries large teddy or doll while walking
21 months - creeps backwards down stairs; walks with one foot on walking board (we've never tried this - not surewhat a walking board is)
Fine Motor
12 months - removes lid to find hidden toys; beats 2 spoons together; builds tower of 2-3 blocks after demonstration (we are working on this); places one cube in cup; marks with pencil (we've never tried)
14 months - scribbles vigorously in imitation (an aqua doodle is our next purchase); unwraps toy (haven't really tired this, but I'm sure they can); inserts round shapes into foam board (can put circle in shape sorter); holds 3 cubes
Language - comprehension is much greater than verbal
10 months - responds to verbal request; stops activity when told no-no; calls parent ma-ma and da-da (says the words but not to us really - will point to ben's picture and say da-da)
12 months - follows simple instructions; says 2 words besides ma-ma and da-da (will say kitty, not much else other than animals sounds); jabbers expresively
13 months - looks in appropriate place when asked, where is the ball? (will also go get the ball - can also find sister in another room); imitates simple sounds on request (meow, quack, quack, ruff, ruff, ooo-ooo(monkey), will also do sign for dog, more and all-done)
15 months - uses jargon (what does that mean?); points and vocalizes to indicate wants (brings books to you, hands you toy, will also use sign for more to ask for food or to read book again; also grunts while handing you something to indicate they want you to do something)
18 months - points to pictures in book (ususally cat or cat-like animal such as tiger or fox that looks like a cat); names one object (kitty, doggy - sometimes by sign, Abby will do "fish-face" if she sees a fish picture); follows two direction (this is where they excell - they can follow instructions to do lots of things - get the ball, doll, kitty, book, diaper.. yesterday Nat heard be tlaking about poopies and went and got a diaper and brought it to me); points to one body part when asked (feet, mouth, head, and belly button - eyes, ears, nose all get general points at head area)
12 months - finger feeds self for most part; takes off hat, shoes; cooperates in dressing; inhibits drooling (???)
14 months - chews most foods well (well enough for only having 4 teeth with two coming in!); pulls off socks
15 months - climbs stairs on hands and knees (very well and very fast); shows wet or solied pants; overcomes simple objects (and not-so-simple objects); vocalizes and gestures to indicate wants
16 months - holds cup and drinks with some spilling (can hold sippy straw cup and drink well); imitates housework (fav new toy - duster!)
17 months - Fetches or carries familiar objects
18 months - uses spoon with little spilling (they are learning to scoop(yogurt) and eat(put spoon in mouth - they are pretty good); walks up stairs with one hand held; places only edibles in mouth (I wish); Moves about house without adults; Hands empty dish when finished eating (will indicate "all-done" with signs); upzips zippers; gets into adult chair unaided (and adult couch, baby chair, baby kitchen, ottoman, and will use a step, other piece of furniture or toy for a boost); uses toilet when taken by adult (seriously?)
21 months - creeps backwards down stairs
9-14 months - Responds to name with head turn, eye contact, smile; responds to verbal request, usually in regard to nursery games; repeats laughed-at performance; begins to establish meaning of no; gives toy to adult upon request; increased dependence on mother during walking stage (certainly attached now!);increased resistence to bedtime (they are very good with bed and naps); wants to be near adults
15 months - stranger anxiety reappears (didn't have it before, but it is here in full force now!)
16 months - imitates grownup activities
17 months - picks up and puts tpys away on request (will pick them up, but not put them away!)
Cognitive (my chart is missing a page but here's a compilation of some things I found from the internet
Between 1-2years - spend more time exploring an object than she has before; turns pages of books (Abby is so cute - she will take a book and sit and flip through it over and over); pays more attention to the actions of others, and may try to imitate those actions like feeding his doll with a cup or spoon.

As you can see, they are doing great! The only area they are having trouble in is their verbal expression. Our feeding therapist (speech therapist) did a small evaluation last week. She agreed their comprehesion is great, but their verbal is not as developed. They are still within normal range for their adjusted age, but compared to everything else, it just looks more delayed. It's hard to know though if it's a preemie thing or a twin thing.

So, for those who are still reading...I'm impressed. For the rest of you who skipped to the bottom - here's the recap...
The girls are brilliant. With the exception of low verbal expression, they are at or ahead in every category for their actual age. It's like watching miracles take place every day.

And as a treat for hanging in this long...a few more pictures:-)

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