Friday, August 13, 2010

Bye-Bye Bottles

Well, at 3 years, 3 months, Natalie and Abby have finally ditched the bottles. We were still doing bottles of their special lactose free milk and carnation mixture at night before bed and at nap (when they take one). They really do still need the nutrition and calories. Plus, in all honesty, I kind-of liked holding them and feeding them.

But, babies grow up, and Ben has been pushing to lose the bottles. I thought it would be way hard and that the girls would be psychologically tied to them and refuse to sleep without them. As usual, my easy-going girls surprised me.

A few nights ago, we announced no more bottles and gave them milk in a cup with a straw. They drank it all up - no problem. And that was that.

They've been drinking from cups for a while, of course. They've even had milk in a cup during the day. I was just sure they equated sleep-time with bottles and would balk at the change in routine. But, they are thrilled to drink "milk from a cup" like big girls.

Now, if only potty-training were so easy.....


kipthedip said...

Hooray! I know what you mean about our kids getting big and loving to cuddle them like babies still. Getting big is a wonderful and terrible thing!

Judith and Jason said...

how are they doing with no bottles?