Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What a Wonderful World

I'm taking a break from labeling pictures. I've been quite delinquent and am several months behind. As I've gone back and taken a trip down memory lane, I've realized a few things.

1 - Natalie and Abigail are surrounded by a host of people who love them. As I go through the pictures, I see grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and mommy and daddy. The love on the faces of the people around them is overwhelming. How incredibly blessed Natalie and Abigail are.

2 - Natalie and Abby have an amazing father. When I see the look on Ben's face when he is with his girls, it is so beautiful. His love and adoration for them is joyfully evident He is everything I could have ever wanted in a father for my children. Just as much, I see their love for him on their faces. When he walks through the door, their little faces light up. Their smiles and giggles fill the room. It warms my heart and fills me with such joy.

3 - Despite their ominous beginning, Natalie and Abby have had a pretty good life so far! They are fairly well traveled considering the fact they spent their first 4.5 months in the hospital. They have taken multiple trips to the NC mountains, the VA mountains and to Goldsboro. They've stayed in a hotel and had overnight's without mommy and daddy. They've been camping, to JRVC, to a Syrup Making, Jordan Lake, several parks, ridden a kid-size train with Ya-Ya and Ben, been to the Museum of Life and Science, played in pools on porches and decks, and as of last weekend, have been to the beach. Wow. Not a bad record for two little girls. This weekend we will actually add another trip - a farm with a pumpkin patch, animals, corn maze and hay rides. Now, I just have to plan a trip to NYC to see Aunt Kimmy.

4 - Boy, Natalie and Abby really look A LOT a like! There are some pictures where I really have a very hard time figuring out who is who. There are a set of pics of a trip to Goldsboro and a trip to the park. Both girls are wearing overalls and the same shirt. It comes down to identifying a small stractch on Abby's face and looking for it in every picture. Then I mercifully discovered that Abby's overalls have a patch on the front. Saved! - unless the patch is covered. :-( Seriously though, it may be time for that tatoo on their foreheads.

As I travel through time in pictures, I am so happy Natalie and Abby are happy. The smiles and joy and delight on their faces is all a mother could ever want. My girls are happy; I am happy. What a wonderful world.

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