Friday, October 10, 2008

You Might Be an Overworked, Underpaid, In-Need-of-a Break Mommy if....

I had a doctor's appointment Wednesday and arranged for my very kind neighbor to watch the girls. I arrived at my appointment promptly at 2pm. After paperwork, my exam, a chat with the doctor and drawing blood, I rolled out of the parking lot at 2:36pm. I was so disappointed. I had picked out several lovely magazines from the waiting room to read while waiting for the doctor. I didn't get to read a single one. It just wasn't fair. Since when are doctors on time, efficient and down right fast? How's a busy mom supposed to relax, read some mags and have some quality alone time if her doctor doesn't keep her waiting for hours? Life is so unfair.

So, in honor of our old friend, Jeff Foxworthy (who if you remember actually met the girls in the hospital in the first few weeks of their life), I've decided to start a running collection of "You Might Be A Mommy If..."

#1 - If you are disappointed because your OB/Gyn appointment only takes 30 minutes instead of a typical two hours, you might be an Overworked, Underpaid, In-Need-Of-A-Break Mommy!

Feel free to add your own in the comments section:-)

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