Sunday, December 21, 2008

Goodbye Big, Happy Number...

It seems the Big Apple took a toll on Natalie and Abby. Between the traveling, the throwing up, and not eating as well, they lost A LOT of weight. I'm very disappointed.

So, the big news On Dec 2 was that Natalie hit 17# 15.5oz (and bumped 18# for a second) and that Abby was 18# 1oz. They then had a doctor's appointment that Friday and weighed in at 18#1 oz for Natalie and 18# 5.2oz for Abby. I was pretty excited.

Well, last week the girls had developed colds with Abby having a cough and fever with hers. Concerned about RSV, I took her in on Tuesday, Dec.16. She weighed 17# 12 oz. I was so shocked I told the nurse it had to be wrong and to do it again. Same result. So, down 9 ozs in less than 2 weeks.

Just to be sure, I weighed them the next day on my scale. Natalie - 17# 11.5 oz, and Abby - 17#12.5 oz. I was pretty sad.

That's what I get for being happy they were eating like "normal babies". The joke's on me.

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