Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend at Grandpa and Yaya's

The weekend of December 12th, Ben took the girls to their grandparents for the weekend. It was a two-fold visit. One: the grandparent's needed a fix, and two: Mommy needed a break.

The girls (and grandparents) had a great time. Ben actually just took apart their cribs and took them with him. (They were easy to take apart and put back together.) It made sleeping a lot easier - no Pea Pods to wrestle with.

Grandpa and Yaya went over board, as usual, and had some great gifts for the girls - early Christmas, I think. First, there were the cute little cars - complete with beeps and whirls.

The girls are slowly learning how to make the cars go with their feet. I've caught them going backwards on the cars we have at home, so I'm sure forwards is just around the corner. I'm actually pretty excited about that. Once they figure it out, we can go to the nearby lake/pond and "ride" around the track.

Next on the agenda was the Super Dooper Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon! Every kid needs a little red wagon. This one is pretty cool. It's tricked out with seats, back support, storage, and a nifty canopy. It's very cool.

Grandpa and Yaya took them out for a spin and from the looks of it, they had a great time.

So, what did Mommy do during her luxurious time-off. Well, Friday night I attended a Mom's Night Out sponsored by Triangle Mommies. It was Poker Night and tons of fun. Both my neighbors went and we had a great time. I tried my hand at Texas Hold'em with my paper "mommy money", but I am still not the poker genius I imagine myself to be after watching hours of Poker Tournaments on the Travel Channel. I spent the rest of Friday night and into the wee hours of Saturday reading the final book of the Twilight series.

Please stay tuned for a Twilight commercial... love it, love it, love it. While in New York, my sister watched the girls so I could hit a movie one night (Monday). I saw the new vampire flick, Twilight. I was mesmerized. I will say the movie wasn't as good as I expected - a little slow at first - but I think it was because it had so much press. But, I throughly enjoyed it and was intrigued enough to want to read the book. I sent Kimberly by the bookstore Tuesday night to get the first book, also Twlight. By Saturday morning, 4 books and over 2500 pages later, I finished the 4th book. It's an intriguing series. If you like sci-fi, you should love this. These are "good" vampires, BTW, so not too much blood and guts:-) End Commercial.

So, after Twilight and some internet surfing, I went to bed about 7am. I didn't really do anything important the rest of the weekend other than eat Chinese food, play on the computer and watch a lot of TV. What I didn't do is clean, cook, or do any house-related work whatsoever. I LOVE Mommy weekends:-)

Once again we are grateful to Yaya and Grandoa for being so great to Natalie and Abby. They will have their first sleepover at their house New Year's weekend, while Mommy and Daddy enjoy a baby-free weekend. We can't wait!

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