Friday, February 27, 2009

Daddy Date Night

In lieu of Little Gym, we have decided to start Daddy Date Night. We really want the girls to spend some time one on one with us as well as have some time apart to find and develop their own selves. So, every Thursday, Ben will take one girl out while I stay in to spend time with the other. Tonight was the first night, and we started with Abby.

Ben took her to the mall for a little mall food and some play time at the play area. He said she was a little timid at first but eventually started climbing and playing. All the equipment is this rubbery stuff which is perfect for kids. There is a giant lighthouse with steps that lead to a slide. I think he said she enjoyed that. Dinner was Chick-Fil-A nuggets - about 2. Abby has become a big fan of dipping things though and Ben said she had quite a blast sticking her fingers in the sauce and sucking it off.

Meanwhile back at the homestead...I discovered that the house is VERY quiet without Abby. It is very apparent that she is the noise maker. Natalie said almost nothing while she was gone. She talks when Abby is with her (although not as much as Abby), but without her sister, she's just mum. It's kind of strange. I guess they are talking to each other so she has more to say.

The experience actually proved to me how important it is that we have them spend some time apart from each other. I want Natalie to find her own voice - in all ways literal and symbolic. They need our individual attention as well and not grow up feeling that they are just a package deal.

Natalie did enjoy her time without Abby - however quiet. Although, then again, maybe she enjoyed that too. She took a bath and was able to have all the toys and bubbles to herself as well as the prime seat in front of the spigot. Abby has recently come to dislike the bath and cries and tries to climb out. As a result, they are often shortened. Today, Natalie got to stay in as long as she wanted and laugh and splash. It was really cute.

We also attempted to color (which mostly involves trying to keep her from eating the crayons) and read some books together. It was nice to be able to focus on just one little girl.

I hope the girls had as much fun as mommy and daddy. I'm excited about getting to know Natalie and Abby individually. It's the beginning of a beautiful tradition.

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