Sunday, May 17, 2009

Birthday Bust

Well, Friday was the girls 2nd birthday. Compared to last year's hoopla, this year was pretty anti-climatic and well, rather disappointing.

We had good intentions and big plans. Ben took the day off and Auntie was due in Thursday night. We were headed to the zoo in Asheboro and then to my mom's for a joint birthday bash. (Mema's birthday is May 18th and my sister's May 26.)

Things started looking iffy on Wednesday when Abby suddenly took ill with runny poops and throwing up. She was also running a fever and was basically pathetic. She slept most of Wednesday and Thursday. By late Thursday, we were pretty certain the Zoo was out, but we thought we might salvage the trip to mom's if Abby was feeling better. Our biggest concern was that Friday would be about the same time Natalie might start getting sick. We were going to have to wait anyway since my sister, who realized around noon that the flight she thought left at 9:30PM actually left at 9:30 AM, wouldn't arrive until 10:30 Thursday morning, so we decided to wait and see.

Things were looking better Friday morning. Abby was more herself and things seemed promising. I took the girls with me to pick up Auntie while Ben packed some things at home. On the way, I stopped to get biscuits and sweet tea at Bojangles. While in the drive through line, Natalie threw up everywhere.

After cleaning her up and finally picking up Auntie, we were home and tried to decide what to do. We finally decided to give it a day, see how everyone was the next day, and go then if we could.

I was pretty bummed by this time. The girls were not themselves and their birthday was not shaping up to much of anything at all. I decided we should have a little birthday tea party (like Daddy did last year) and Ben picked up a cake while the girls napped. Our little party was cut short when Natalie threw up the banana she was eating. (I have it in pictures and on video,but decided to spare you all).

I lost count, but Natalie threw up at least 8 times between the Bojangles trip and midnight. It was so pitiful too. She was so hungry and was crying and begging for any cups or bottles she saw. She would drink like she was starving and before she was even through, she'd throw up. We tried to limit her to an ounce at a time, and then she would cry and reach for the cup. It was awful.

In the end, on Saturday, we decided Natalie should stay home (by now she was also running a fever, lethargic, and generally pitiful). I wasn't feeling so great myself, so Auntie took Abby and headed to mom's herself. We've heard since then that Abby has thrown up twice, so I'm not sure how good an idea that turned out to be. But, she no longer had a fever and seemed to be feeling okay so hopefully she is okay.

All in all, it was a pretty yucky birthday. We didn't even get a decent picture of the girls together on their birthday. I'm very sad about that. We never even pulled out the little cake Ben bought either. The only good thing is that the girls are too young to realize it's their birthday or care that it completely bombed.

I've decided that we will just have to play birthday one day next week - or maybe Saturday. We'll have a little cake party, sing happy birthday and maybe hit the Museum of Life and Science and see the bears. We'll just have to call it, "2nd Birthday, Part II".

I did take pictures of the girls at 4:09pm and 4:10pm - the times they were born. They were sleeping so they aren't very interesting, but they are kind-of cute - especially Abby with her little bum up in the air:-)

I need to do my whole "emotional mommy" post, so I'll get to that later. I'm a little too bummed to do it right now. Even so, I do want to wish Natalie and Abby a very Happy 2nd Birthday. They are truly the joys of our lives and every day is a blessing with them. Ben and I are so incredibly lucky to have our girls.

Happy Birthday Babies!

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