Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If you have prayers to spare...

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This is a family from my micropreemie forum. I have kept up with them through their blog above.

Just over two years ago, in March 2007, Judith gave birth to triplets at 24 weeks. They lost one little girl about three weeks later. Another daughter died unexpectedly a few months later. Their remaining daughter, Nina, is a bustling 2.2 year old and absolutely adorable.

They have been very excitedly awaiting the birth of their son - due by C-section on May 20th. After such a difficult and devastating first pregnancy, they were thrilled that everything was going along perfectly.

Saturday, at 37 weeks, their son was born - stillborn - for no obvious reasons.

Personally, I can't not even begin to imagine the anguish they are feeling. There is no rationale in this world that can explain why a mother and father must bury 3 babies in less than 2.5 years. If it were me, I would begin to question everything I knew about a loving and compassionate God.

My heart breaks for this family. I can only hope that the loving and compassionate God I do believe in will surround them with His love and peace and, well, something, whatever will help them to survive this tragedy as well.

It's moments like these I'm am once again faced with the uncertainty of why we were so blessed while others suffer so much. Why have my Natalie and Abby survived and thrived while others have died and struggle so much? I could tell you a story every day of the lives, losses and trials of the brave moms and kids on my preemie forum. For those who know us and think we are so brave and have endured so much, I assure you what we have been through is NOTHING compared to many, many others. I wish I had an answer to my question. The best I can figure so far is that sometimes life just sucks. AND it's just really unfair. I could wax theological about the presence of sin in the world and how suffering was never God's plan, etc., but mostly I think the answer boils down to - life just ain't fair.

Please remember this precious family, and the families of the many who have lost little ones, in your thoughts and prayers.

Please remember this family in your praters

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