Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mommy's weekend out

Ben is the greatest husband ever! He took the girls to his parents house for the whole weekend - well, at least from about 5pm Friday until about 1 or 2pm tomorrow.

Mommy is having a great time. I've been working on a photo book for the girls and catching up on all my Gilmore Girls episodes. I usually watch them at night while feeding the girls, but I've been watching the Olympics instead.

I have been somewhat domestically useful. I cleaned the kitchen including scrubbing the stove top pans and the area underneath them. I also folded all the clothes that have been on the guest bed for a week. Now, if I can just manage to put them away.

I love Mommy weekends. There's just never enough time to do what I WANT to do and what I SHOULD do - like clean the bathrooms and work on the yard. I wish I had a week. Maybe when the girls get older I can have a week. They can go to grandma's and mommy and daddy can have a grand ole' time.

I do miss my girls. I'll be happy to see them and play with them tomorrow. I should have plenty of time. Ben declares he's going straight to bed as soon as he gets home:-)

Thanks, honey - I love you!

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