Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mommy's Day Off

Mommy has a day off! This morning at 8am, Ben took off with the girls to his parents house. They will return some time tomorrow afternoon. Mommy is freeeeee!

After kissing the girls and Ben good-bye at 8am, I did what all free Mommy's do. I went back to bed. Until 2pm. It was beautiful. Mommy Day began with the only baby-related activity I have this weekend - pumping. Then there was Chinese food and movies. Currently I am drinking champagne and bonbons. Okay, not really. I have chocolate covered strawberries and the cheapest champagne I could find.

I finally have the time to do some things that needed doing - like paying bills, blogging, and putting together the girls baby announcement. What I'm NOT doing is cleaning.

I miss my babies (and Ben), but it really nice having some Jo time.

ps - What is a bonbon anyway? Has anyone ever had one? In the interest of science and trivia, I did a little research.

bonbon - In Europe a bonbon is a candy, the simplest form of bonbon is essentially sugar coated almonds. In the modern era the use of almonds as a centre has declined, and a bonbon can be any confection with a fondant center, often with fruit or nuts, covered in fondant or chocolate, or any other confection consisting of a sweet centre covered by a loose sugar or flavoured coating.[1][2] Although not technically a bon bon in the conventional sense, the term is also used in respect of Fruit Bon Bons, a hard boiled sweet with a soft fruit centre.
Bonbon is also the French and German word for candy.

A bonbon is also the brand name for an American sweet, consisting of a small ball of ice cream, roughly the size of a cherry, coated in chocolate. Sold in cardboard buckets, they are rarely seen today. Bonbons can also be more like truffles, with some type of filling inside.

Just thought you would want to know.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Way to go Ben...getting some brownie points??? Johelen, I hope you've enjoyed your mommy time. Those times are few and far between. I totally understand your excitement! Have a great week!