Monday, December 24, 2007

Our babies have found their voices

*sigh* Our perfect, no-fussy, no-crying babies have turned normal. The last few days have been challenging.

Something is up with Abby. My personal opinion is that she is getting a tooth. When we try to feed her, she has taken to screaming and crying. She hasn't been eating very well the past few days. Let's see, since we messed things up by trying the #2 nipple actually. Hmmm. I really do think there's something wrong - either a new tooth or ear ache or something. Or she developed quite an aversion to food - which is very bad. Hopefully it's just a phase. We have the only babies I know that cry when they HAVE to eat instead of crying when they are hungry.

Little Natalie is doing slightly better. At least she's not screaming every time. But, she's not sucking well and her volumes are down as well.

I think we have decided to ignore anything else the doctor says. We'll just smile and nod and go home and keep doing what we do. Of course, we don't have another appointment for a while so maybe by then we'll have everything under control and they won't need to offer any advice.

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Anonymous said...

When Miller was a baby he would refuse to eat when he had an ear infection. That was the only way I could tell he had one.
Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!!! They just get better and better with kids.
the Pope's