Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Calling All Giant Babies

Seriously, who decides the sizes on baby clothes?

The picture above shows two onesies. The smaller one on top is labeled 3-6 months. The giant one underneath is labeled 3 months.

There are two pj's in this picture. If you look closely you can see the different patterns. The back one is 9 months (taller than my girls BTW). The one on top is labeled 0-3 months.

Seriously, who decides the sizes on baby clothes? Giants? People who have never seen a baby? It's crazy. Granted, my girls are small and still wearing mostly 3-6 months, but there's no way two outfits of the same size can be for a 3 month old OR a 9 month old.

Here's my solution: Baby clothes for the first year (at least) should be sized in inches. For onesies, the size should be the # inches from neck to crotch. Pants should also be measured in inches. Single shirts (not as an outfit) are a little tricky - maybe neck to waist.

One day, when I'm queen of the world....this is the way it will be done. So there.

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