Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New stuff

Waving: Abby has just decided to start waving. Natalie has been waving for a couple of weeks and even responds to the words "hi" and "bye-bye" by raising and waving her hands.

Standing: For the past few days, Abby has been accidentally letting go of things and standing for a second or two. Yesterday, she was "walking" with me holding her hands. We stopped, I let go, and she stood alone for at least 15 seconds!!! Okay, it doesn't sounds like long, but stop and count and you'll see that it is FOREVER! I don't think she's doing it on purpose or with control, but it's pretty amazing to watch:-)

Natalie is also starting to clap. She used to just bring her hands together, then stick them in her mouth. But, a few times I have caught her bringing them back out again and back together. Neither Abby or Natalie do it very much, but they can, and I suspect we will see more clapping soon.

Eating: They are still hovering around 600mls of formula a day, but they are doing better with their solids. The last week or so, Abby especially has eaten very well. She's even finished a whole yogurt twice - all by herself. Natalie was doing very well, but has recently been distracted by her hands. She can't keep them out of her mouth. I'll put in a bite of yogurt and she immediately sticks her hands in. It causes the food to then dribble out her mouth. It's very annoying - and very messy.

Playing: Abby and Natalie love to play. I actually really love just sitting back and watching them sometimes. They have several "stations" and they make rounds. By the wall near the kitchen is a small wooden kids chair. They stand next to it and beat on it with their spoons, cups, letters and hands. They also like beating on the wall and trying desperately to figure out the (covered) electrical outlet. Speaking of outlets, the girls are fascinated by them. They are all properly covered, of course, but they are still intrigued. Their favorite place to bang on the wall in the hall is right beside the outlet. Right next to that is our wrought iron gate that blocks access to the kitchen. They like to stand against and shake it - or whine and beg for attention. I call it kiddie jail:-)

By the wall by the front door is their little kitchen. The beat on it as well and play with the cups and plates. Just beside that is the little bench and stool we use as a gate to the foyer. These are also popular standing/beating/cruising areas.

The couches and ottoman are also favorable spots for beating (see a pattern?) and cruising. An open PeaPod blocks the way to the sliding porch door. It is filled with toys and the girls sometimes climb in and play. A floor farm puzzle mat is often covered in toys as well and the little animals come out for chewing fun. Rolling on the floor is also time well spent.

It's amazing how quickly they can move form one activity to the other. What's really fun is when they are playing separately then one notices the other. She will stop what she is doing and crawl to join the other at whatever banging and beating is happening. It fills my heart with joy.

Daddy Games: The favorite game to play with daddy is what I call "Daddy-Weeee". It involves Daddy tossing the girls on the couch or, more recently, his big recliner. The girls LOVE it. They laugh and giggle and beg for more. They get so excited and it is so fun to watch.

Books: The girls do love books. When they aren't banging on the walls and benches, their favorite new game is to go into their room and pull all the books off the shelf. I believe Natalie is sporting a lovely bump/scratch from this pastime as I write. They also love to look at books, by theirselves and with Mommy and Daddy. Yesterday, when I went in after their nap, Natalie was happily looking at a book in her crib. Usually the girls are standing smiling and begging for me to get them out. After I took out Abby, I went for Natalie. She was still sitting with her back to me, "reading" her book.

Independent play time: If you spend any time with the girls, you will learn that they are very busy and play very well by themselves. This is partly by design, although I'm sure temperament has a little something to do with it, as well as having a twin to play with. My nanny/parenting philosophy has always been that children should learn to play independently as soon as possible. Not that they should be never be played with, they need that interaction and introduction to new toys, concepts and activities, but my experience is that babies who can't entertain themselves become toddlers that can't entertain themselves who become preschoolers who can't entertain themselves who ultimately become teenagers who can only entertain themselves with a TV. Children who must be constantly entertained have mothers who cook, clean, and use the bathroom with a child attached to them. No thank you.

Sleepy time: When the girls get tired, they do a very funny thing. First they start rolling around on the floor or lay on their sides playing with a toy. Abby then has a really cute move. She puts her head on the floor as if she's going to do a head stand. She then straightens out her legs and forms her body into a little V. It's really cute. I'll try to catch a picture.

There are other fun things the girls love to do: chewing on spoons, banging blocks, sucking on their plastic letters, chasing the cats...the list goes on and on. Watching them really is a delight. You just can't help but smile.

Speaking of sleepy time, the rolling has begun and Abby looks posed for a headstand any minute. Off to feed the babies....

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