Monday, July 14, 2008

Look Out Tooth Fairy!!

FINALLY!!!! Our babies won't attend kindergarten with dentures! Well, at least Abby won't. A few weeks ago, on the way back from Ohio, we noticed what appeared to be teeth just under the gums. So, we waited and waited and waited. Every day or so, we'd rub their gums to see if we felt anything. Nope.

Leave it to Aunt Kimmy to find the teeth. Today, she said, "I think Abby has teeth!". Sure enough, you can feel little tiny teeth on the bottom. They definately weren't here two days ago. We are very excited. The best part is that it doesn't seem to have bothered her at all. There has been no unusual crying or whining or chewing on things. No apparent fevers or rashes or anything teeth-myth related. It's amazing. My girls just keep getting better.

I'm sure Natalie's teeth are just below the surface waiting to emerge. Maybe she wanted to see how Abby handled it first before deciding if she wanted teeth. Hopefully, Abby has told her how cool it is and Natalie will give her teeth the go-ahead.

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