Monday, July 7, 2008

Mommy Bonk

Well, it's happened. It happens to every parent and thus to every child. At some point in a child's life, he or she falls off of or out of something. Parents freak out and blame themselves. Then, there's a story to tell for the next 70 years.

So, our time has come.

It's all Ben's fault, really. If he had not distracted me, it never would have happened.

On July 4th, I was finishing up feeding the girls. I wiped off Abby's mouth and her hands, took off her bib t-shirt, and removed the tray to her feeding chair. Then Ben said something to me. Still standing directly in front of the chair, I looked up. Then, BANG! Abby falls out of the chair face first. Not only did she fall out of the chair, she hit another wooden chair on the way down. The small wooden chair I sit in to feed them was a bit off-center (in between Nat and Abby's chairs) so she actually only swiped it with her cheek.

Of course, there was crying. Ben and I were actually quite calm. Ben was very kind in reassuring me that I'm not a terrible mother. It thought that was very generous of him - since it was really his fault after all:-)

Abby is fine, of course. Lots of hugs and kisses - and apologies - later, she was climbing on the couch happy as a lark. Just today she's developed a very small bruise on her lower right cheek. I was sure her whole cheek would swell and turn colors and we'd be housebound for a week.

Well, we've at least gotten Abby's mishap out of the way. Although Ben has dropped her on her head a few times, Natalie hasn't fallen off anything yet. I'm sure it's just a matter of time...

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