Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Tricks

Natalie has a new trick today. This morning she was rolling around - over and over and over. It was so funny. She seems to really enjoy it. I guess somersaults are next.

Abby's new trick is less amusing. She has discovered holes - the most fascinating of which is one's ear. Other people's ears. Abby loves sticking her fingers in our ears. She likes other holes too. The holes in my t-shirts are a form of endless interest. She has also discovered she can stick her finger in the inside of her paci. So, she carries it around on her finger. That's actually pretty cute.

Oh - Abby does have a VERY impressive new trick. She is starting to STAND for several seconds at a time!! The longest was probably 15 or 20 seconds yesterday. I was talking to Kimberly on the phone and suddenly I was squealing. It's a lot longer than it sounds. Sometimes she just lets go of things and I think she forgets she's not holding on. It's really very exciting. Once she gets balance, walking is just around the corner.

EDITED TO ADD: Natalie has another new trick too! Today she stood alone for several seconds! I knew she wouldn't be far behind.

My little babies are growing up:-(

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