Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another good doctor day

Today we were back at Duke's SICC for another check-up and g-tube discussion. It went really well.

Dr. Malcolm was very understanding and supportive of us seeing a doctor at UNC. He agreed surgery is a big deal and worthy of a second opinion. He was super nice about it. He was also very pleased with the Natalie and Abby's progress. Their growth was much better than last time and Natalie even made the chart. What was most encouraging was the growth in their head circumference. This had been the area of most concern. Dr. Malcolm felt very good about their progress and content to let them to continue to go on as is. There was no more discussion of the g-tube - for now...

I was also very pleased about their weight gain. Since Friday, they have each gained 3 ounces. Natalie weighed in at 11.8lbs and Abby one pound more at 12.8lbs. 3 oz since Friday is really, really good.

Everything really went well and we were so pleased with the appointment. The last 3 appointments have definately been better than previous appointments. Let's hope the eye appointment Thursday goes just as well.

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