Monday, January 21, 2008

Fun at Grandma's

The girls and I are having a great time at Grammy and Mema's. The trip up was okay. They did well until the last hour or so and started to fuss just a little. I guess that's still really good for a 5 hour trip (which actually took about 6 hours). I stopped twice to try to feed them, but they wouldn't eat. It's definitely easier to travel with two people if for no other reason than bathroom stops. Hauling two car seats into the rest stop is a bit of a chore.

There was some snow on the ground when we arrived, and it snowed briefly on Saturday. It wasn't really enough to accumulate but it was pretty coming down. We put the kids funny hats on and took a picture in their first snow. It's been fiercely cold though, as it has around most of NC. It was 8 degrees here this morning. We were going to take the girls to church yesterday, but decided it was too cold.

The girls are having so much fun playing with Grammy and being held by Mema. Mema is so cute talking and whispering to them. I am just filled with joy when I see her with them. The only sadness is she can't see them. She's been blind about 3 years from post-chemo complications. I wish so much she could see their little faces. But, she can hear their laughter and snuggle them close and that brings her joy.

Yesterday, Natalie actually turned from back to front twice yesterday. I guess that makes up for her not eating well:-) Abby ate very well - nearly 600mls. I did a little experiment yesterday (and today). When my alarm didn't go off yesterday, I thought I'd just see how long they would sleep and how well they would eat when they woke up. They started stirring about 9:30. They probably would have stayed in bed longer, but I got them up to eat and they each ate 100ml. Today I got them up about the same time and they ate 90mls. We will have to see how well the rest of the day goes.

Grammy has been very helpful and pretty good at feeding the girls. It's nice to visit with them and not be alone all day. It's also nice to take a nap while Grammy watches them. Grammy also made chili Saturday and it's been soooo good.

The mountains are beautiful here and I am so glad the girls have such a beautiful place to visit when they come to Grandma's. I can't wait to watch them grow up playing in the creek at Grandpa Rickman's farm and leaf-looking in the fall. What a great place to be a child.

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BenC said...

Daddy's chili is better ;) nah nah nah nah!!!

mmmm...venison chili with green and red peppers, kidney beans, pinto beans, and just the right amount of seasoning. Too bad I had to eat it all alone :(

I miss all three of my girls...