Monday, January 14, 2008

Eat Mor 4Moola

The Mommy Moo Cow is finished. Today is the first day in almost 8 months (as of tomorrow) that I have not pumped. There's definately a sense of freedom, but sadness too. I do feel bad about quiting, but I just can't do it anymore. I had hoped to make it a year, but 8 months will just have to do. The thing I worry the most about is changing my mind in a week. This is one thing you definately can't change your mind about. It's not like you can take a week off for vacation, then start back. If I could, I would, then take it up again.

In the end, it may help the girls. The formula has more calories and other things, like iron, that they need. They may actually gain more weight on the formula. Although any antibodies I carry would help the girls, I'll just have to hope we can keep them well without them.

I may have to pump a few more times to be comfortable until my milk dries up. Then I will somewhat happily clean my pump and supplies, and figure out whether to sell it or give it away. O Happy Day.

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