Monday, January 7, 2008

Roly Poly Babies

Mission Accomplished! Sort-of.

Today was quite a big day. Both Natalie AND Abby turned over from back to front today. And - I missed both.

I was feeding Abby while Natalie hung out on the play mat waiting for her turn. At one point I looked up, and there she was - on her tummy. She may have cheated a little. I ha a blanket draped over the arches and she was pulling on it. I think she used it to help pull herself over. Actually, that's rather smart, isn't it? An she had one leg on either side on the arches which may have helped as well. But, I was still proud of her and hopefully now that she's done it once by herself, she'll be inspired to try it again.

I missed Abby's big move while giving Natalie a nebulizer treatment. I looked over and there was Abby on her stomach. She cheated a little too, I think, by pulling on the side of the play mat. She also managed to hook her legs around the arch bar. I think it helps them stay on their tummies and not roll back over.

So, it was a big day in the world of baby milestones. Maybe next time we will be ready with the camera.

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Anonymous said...

They are so smart!!!