Monday, January 14, 2008

Today's progress

A few good things happened today.

One: The girls ate very well at 7am (95mls each). This is a very good way to start the day. Granted, they didn't eat anything at 10am, but we are still staying positive.

Two: Solid Foods - bring them on! We tried some oatmeal with the girls at 6pm and they did very well. At least they didn't spit it right out. I think they even swallowed some! We just tried a little, but we will try some more tomorrow. We are hoping that if they take well to solids we can get them to gain weight.

Three: I called the Clinic 4 Kidz and left a message. I just found out that's they are on vacation for a month and may be booked until March, but at least they have my name and number. I'll probably call in a few weeks.

Four: Our good family friend provided us with a contact name with the UNC Special Infant Care Clinic. Adam is a doctor at UNC and I believe even spoke to the doctor about us to give us a chance to get in. I left a message and will call again tomorrow. We want to get a second opinion on how the girls are doing and just see if they have any other ideas or things we could try.

In general, today was a good day. I managed not to lose my mind, which is quite remarkable. The girls have eaten fairly well, especially Natalie. They are doing better with their sleeping/nap schedule. Going to bed tonight was much easier than it has been. We are putting them down earlier which I think helps. The 3 hour schedule is wonderful. I feel like I have all this time to get things done. It's amazing!

Just as an aside...did everyone watch UNC beat the begeezes out of NC State Sunday! He, he, he. That was beautiful. (Sorry Uncle Jeffie:-() Go Heels!

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