Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Home Again

Well, we survived the trip back. The girls were so good. We honestly have the best babies in the whole world. I had to stop once to change and feed the girls and let them stretch a little. I drew a bit of attention trying to feed babies in the restroom of a rest stop on I-40. They actually ate pretty well though. I had to stop one other time to change Abby when she was fussing. The girls did start to fuss the last 15 minutes, but out of a 5 hour trip, that's pretty good.

Daddy was VERY glad to see his girls - and me too, I think. I think he missed us (them) a lot. I brought back two trash bags full of the next stage of clothing. It will take me forever to go through them. I told my mom the clothes were likely to still be in the bags until she came to visit.

We had a great time at Mema's and Grammy's. The girls are so lucky to have such great grandparents. We are blessed in so many ways.

Tomorrow starts a round of doctor's appointments over the next two weeks. OT/ST, UNC, Pediatrician, Duke, and the Eye doctor. Whew, I'm tired already.

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