Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Worst Day - Friday after Thanksgiving

So, if last Saturday was bad, today was even worse.

First, as mentioned on a previous post - my milk is on vacation. As of this morning, we had one reserve frozen bag left and I had to get up at 7am to pump for the 8am and I barely had enough. In fact, there wasn't enough for the 6am, and Ben had to add formula to it which affected how well they ate this morning. We have determined that the girls hate the Elecare. They have been doing so much better drinking straight breast milk. I have been worried sick about what we would do if my milk goes away and they are stuck on formula they one: hate and nearly refuse to drink, and two: it costs $35 a can.

Second, we had a peds appointment at 9am. I was kind of excited because I felt the girls had done well, especially Abby, and I was excited to see their weights. I was also apprehensive since I knew the dr was in favor of tubing. I have this thing about not wanting to get into trouble. It's very juvenile, but I hate to do things wrong or have people disappointed in me in any way. So, I was a little anxious.

Abby weighed in really well - 10lb 1.2oz. She's gained 6 oz since last Thursday, 11/15. This is great. Natalie, however, had only gained 100grams, just over 3 oz. Ben was with me and we told the dr how much they were eating and she said it still wasn't enough. I told her I'd email Dr. Malcolm to see if he wanted to see us sooner than three more weeks. Ben would later say that he didn't sense any disapproval or major concern. All I heard was, "they aren't eating enough".

We did ask about switching to a different formula and she gave us two different ones to try out. Of course, when we went to Babies R Us, they didn't have either.

When we got home, we walked in and it was just chaos. Our house isn't that big and with my dad, Peg, sister, step-sister, Elianna, and 2 babies, it was a mess. I tired to pump which of course yielded very little. Then I started cleaning the kitchen and things just got worse and worse. I'm not sure how, but soon there was yelling and tears and I hid in my room again.

In the end, we kicked everyone out of our house. Well, it wasn't that harsh (I hope!). We already had a hotel room for Friday and Saturday nights that we had planed to escape to at least one night. Instead, we decided what would really help was to stay in our own house and get things done. So, Dad, Peg, Loren and Kim took the girls on their first overnight and hotel stay. It was wonderful for us. Ben went to bed at 8:30 and slept until 8 the next morning. I organized some baby clothes and pumped a lot. I didn't go to bed until 2:30am but I felt rested the next morning.

The only reason this was able to work was because Kimberly found the Neosure at Walgreens. In a stroke of luck, the girls loved it. Since I was out of milk, they could take it to the hotel and give them formula. It was a godsend - had they refused the formula, they wouldn't have been able to leave.

Saturday night everyone came back to our house and we were the ones who left. They had all gotten us gift certificates to the movies and to dinner. We didn't have time for dinner, but we caught our first movie in months - "American Gangster". Then we went back to the hotel. It was very nice to get away.

The girls seemed to enjoy their special time with Poppy, Nanny, Aunt Kimmy and Aunt Loren. I was so great to leave them in good hands. We can't thank them enough. We really needed a break and a chance to relax. We are so blessed to have a family that is so supportive and willing to help us in any way. We love you guys so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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