Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Our plan is working!

Take that, you doctors!!

Natalie and Abby are doing great. Abigail has hit 500mls yesterday and will again today. That's the most she's ever taken! We also weighed the girls tonight. I ordered a scale last week (which my sister graciously paid for - thanks sis!), so I could keep up with their weight gain. I weighed them Saturday night, and Abby has gained 4 ounces since then!! That's incredible! On our scale, she has now hit 10 pounds!! We are so proud of her. Natalie is also making progress and is hitting 400ml. She has gained almost 2 ounces since Saturday. She is now 8lbs 14oz!

They are also taking larger volumes. We started giving them just breastmilk (no Elecare) since they seem to like the taste better. Well, I assume that since they seem to eat more of it. Natalie has taken several 60ml feeds and Abby 75ml and 80mls! It's all very exciting. We have high hopes that by next week this time we will be hitting our target totals.

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