Monday, November 12, 2007

Roly Poly Natalie

I don't think I've mentioned that Natalie has rolled over! She rolled over for the first time from stomach to back the weekend Jo's mom was here several weeks ago. The first time was a Friday night. I, of course, was not here to see it. I was at the grocery store.

Natalie first rolled over on the couch. My mom saw it first. She was so excited, but Ben didn't believe her. Plus, there was the possibility that the unevenness of the couch helped her cheat a bit. So, they put her on the floor to see if she would do it again. Now, let me pause to say that this would have been the point at which I would have grabbed the camera/video camera to document this momentous occasion. Unfortunately, this obvious opportunity didn't occur to either my mom or Ben. *big sigh* It would have been perfect too, since she flipped over again! So, now I've missed it twice, although we did decide it wasn't a fluke.

When I arrived home, I heard the great news. I suppose it's karma really. As a nanny, I'm afraid I've witnessed several "first moments" instead of the parents. We tried and tired to get Natalie to flip over again Friday night, but of course she didn't. Fortune did smile on Saturday though when I did get to see her do it - AND I was there to get it on video!

I was beginning to think it was a fluke since she had not turned over since - at least 3 weeks. Yesterday, however, she did it again. We weren't really watching her closely, but we sort of caught it out of the corner of our eyes.

Abby has not yet managed to copy her sister, but I think she's very close. You can be sure we (meaning I) keep the video camera close at hand.

I'll try to post the rolling over video on the picture site. Even if you aren't impressed by her skills, you can get a kick out of the squealing of the adults.

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