Saturday, May 3, 2008

Natalie and Abigail develop a will

For whatever reason, Nat and Abby have decided to start expression themselves. As they have no words other than da-da and ba-ba, this has begun to take the form of...whining. Yes, at nearly a year, the girls are beginning to whine.

This new self-expression is actually a pretty important milestone in their development. They now know what they want and how to express their displeasure when they don't get what they want.

Baby Abby crawls eagerly down the hall towards an open door through which she saw KitKat disappear. Mommy reaches door about a two feet ahead of Abby and shuts the door. Abby screws up her face and crying begins.

Mommy goes into the kitchen (probably to prepare bottles). New fancy, wrought-iron looking gate closes behind her. Natalie crawls to the gate, grabs it and pulls to her knees. She pokes out her bottom lip and crying begins.

Crying is also likely to commence if a toy, ie. remote control or mommy's phone, is removed from sight.

Since it's new, I still find it cute and funny. I suspect that will pass soon enough.

photo: Natalie

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