Tuesday, May 6, 2008

An Unwanted First

Well, this is one of those firsts you don't want to have. I have discovered Abby's first food sensitivity.

I gave the girls avocado and mango for breakfast today. I added a little cinnamon, since, well, it's avocado and I would want cinnamon, sugar and butter on mine. After several bites, I went into the kitchen to cut up more mango. When I came back, Abby had splotchy spots around her mouth. Fortunately, she wasn't showing any anaphylatic reactions such as trouble breathing. Obviously - that was the end of the cinnamon flavored avocado for Abby. The reaction didn't seem to bother her though. I changed to some fruity baby food and she gobbled it down.

I was quite surprised at the reaction. Last week they had some jar baby food that was some kind of fruity cinnamon oatmeal. They loved it and I didn't see any reaction then. Hmmm, maybe she had to be exposed to it the first time to develop the sensitivity. In any case, no more cinnamon for Abby. And alls well that ends well!

(The rash disappeared within an hour.)

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Judith and Jason said...

We had that happen with a few things too. Spinach pancakes and hummus... I thought it was to the onions/garlic?I was just going to try them in another month. The spice may just be a little too much for her now???
I freaked out when I saw the redness all over the mouth area...I was two second away from calling DR but it went away too in an hour.