Sunday, March 9, 2008

Damage Control

It's been a pretty rough week. Friday I decided to take the girls to the doctor just to make myself feel better. I didn't think there was anything they could do, but I figured I'd go anyway. The girls were still not eating well and weren't playing or perky at all.

The appointment left me even more worried and quite honestly, panicked, If you know me well, it takes a good bit to panic me. Their weigh-ins were worse than I thought. Natalie weighed in at 11 lb 13.2 oz. One week prior she was 12lb 6.6 oz. She had lost about 8 oz in a week. Abby weighed 12lb 11oz down from 13lb 8.4oz - down over 12 oz. If you add the 4 oz they usually , gain each week, it's even worse. It's almost a pound each. That's a whole month's worth of growth gone in a week.

And, then I panicked. I just don't know what we need to do for the girls. I'm so afraid the doctor will want to put in a g-tube immediately. Or, we may need to ng tube for several weeks to try to put on some weight. I absolutely hate both those ideas. I know they will be so miserable if we have to ng tube (tube in nose) them. It breaks my heart to think they may get g-tubes just because of being sick. They were doing so well.

I will have to talk to Dr. Malcolm tomorrow and see what he wants to do. I'm so worried about them. The only thing that makes me feel better is that today they have eaten much better and played more. They still aren't quite themselves, but we are getting closer.

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