Wednesday, March 26, 2008

NBC Preemie News Report

My friend, Amy, graciously called and told us that NBC was running a segment on Preemie babies and long-term developmental effects. Duke was actually the featured hospital. The segment started rather dramatically suggesting prematurity is a sentence of doom. I turned to Ben and said, "hmm, maybe we shouldn't watch this". We did anyway, and it really wasn't that bad. The bottom line was that some preemie babies have later difficulties - and some don't. And they can't tell until it happens. Well now, that's informative.

Al in all, it wasn't anything we didn't already know. The only one particular bit of info I found interesting was some evidence that female preemie babies can have high-risk pregnancies themselves. The doctor suggested that it may be a good idea for those mothers-to-be to see a high-risk ob from the beginning. That's definately something I'll store away for later use.

One of our doctors, Dr. Ricki Goldstein, was one of the main doctors they interviewed. We also caught a glimpse of one of our nurses. It was strange seeing all the NICU rooms and the little babies. It's hard to believe that Natalie and Abigail were once two of those tiny, tiny babies hooked up to a dozen machines. They have really come so far.

One bizarre bit of possible trivia: while watching the report, they showed a birthing room with a women lying in the bed and three doctors that entered the room to talk to her. Ben and I both started and said, "is that ME?" We re-ran it (gotta love DVR) over and over, and we still aren't convinced it wasn't. It looks just like me. We saw so many doctors that I honestly can't remember if we met the three that came in the room on the film. I definately don't remember any camera men. But, seriously, it looks just like me!! We still have it saved and I am going to embark on some detective work using the photos we took in the room and the video we have to see if I can pick up any clues that confirm it was my room. I'm intrigued. If you want to see my possible nation-wide debut and cast your vote, just come on over to visit.

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