Saturday, March 29, 2008

Poppy and Nanny Surprise

Poppy and Nanny were visiting Manteo, NC this weekend and decided to stop for a surprise visit Saturday afternoon. It turned into a brief overnight stay. They have to leave very early in the morning to continue to Ingram, VA for a church service.

However brief, Natalie and Abigail were thrilled to see Nanny and Poppy for a little play time. The one thing that binds us to this area (or at least NC and VA) is having grandparents and aunts and uncles so close. At least 3 or 4 times a week, I wish we could check out that job we turned down in Maui. Hawaii calls to me. Then, I think of how happy Natalie and Abby will be getting to know their grandparents and aunts and uncle. I also think of how happy getting to see Natalie and Abby makes the grandparents. I know it would just break all their hearts. I have the most amazing relationship with my grandmother. I hope so much for Natalie and Abby to have a similar relationship. I know it can only come from personal contact and time spent together. Phone calls and letters just aren't the same. So, for the sake of the girls, and our parents, Hawaii must wait and we will rejoice in the time we all have together.

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